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Philadelphia Furniture Workshop

Gluing face frame to carcase

Cabinetmaking Woodworking Course

Basic Carcase Construction - Build a Cabinet

Part One of a Two Part Course

Instructor - Craig Vandall Stevens/Alan Turner
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Class Size - 12 Max.

Sound basic carcase construction is essential to the successful creation of kitchen cabinets, built-ins, entertainment centers, storage or book shelves, and vanities.  Good casework requires detailed planning, the use of appropriate materials, skilled machining and joinery and careful assembly.

In this workshop, students will build a cabinet carcase of furniture grade 3/4” plywood; joined together with dados and strengthened by the addition of a stout hardwood face frame. This cabinet is designed and built to last.  

When building the carcase, each student will work from a prepared cut list, execute precise cabinet joinery using various stationary and hand-held power tools. Each will then fit, glue, and clamp up the carcase for a clean and professional job.  After attaching the frame to the carcase, each participant will plane the frame flush with the carcase sides. Finally, the student will attach a solid wood top and hardwood base to the cabinet.

In this 2-day workshop learn all the steps and techniques necessary to produce professional quality case work.  And then, two weeks later, Learn to build the door and drawer for this case and you can add "cabinetmaker" to your resume.

Cost: $425 (including materials)

There are three ways to register for this class.
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