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Carve a Ball and Claw Foot Woodworking Course

In this master class you will learn to carve a ball and claw foot from scratch, using traditional carving gouges, chisels, fine riffler rasps and finally abrasives.

Each student will need several specific carving gouges.  It is the shape of these gouges that makes carving in the round somewhat easier than it might look at first.

Learn to stop often to examine your work.  Look at the shape of the ball; insure that the ball continues visually under the talons.  Learn how to sweep the side talons to the front, above the ball's centerline, and then the claw back beneath that line, in order to give a sense of movement and tension to this life-like form.

Chippendale corner chair

Designing from a photograph

Mark out a ball and claw foot

Scroll saw pierced splat