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SketchUp Course with Bob Lang

SketchUp CAD Class
Instructor: Bob Lang
Weekend of Nov. 11-12, 2017, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Maximum Class Size:  Approx. 20



This class will focus on 3D modeling with SketchUp, a program made for the design, engineering, planning and problem-solving of furniture or other woodworking projects, among other applications.  On day one Bob covers the basics of the program in a general way; with the focus on getting around a 3D model, making things, and moving, copying and modifying elements after they exist. Several handouts are provided and students will learn efficient techniques with over the shoulder coaching as you practice. The second day covers more advanced topics including adding details, rendering, printing and creating accurate shop drawings and cutlists with a couple clicks of the mouse.

If you’ve struggled with learning how to use SketchUp, this class will get you over the hurdles that most new users face. If you have some experience with SketchUp you’ll learn new tricks and shortcuts that will improve your speed and your accuracy. This class is a combination of instruction – Bob’s computer is hooked up to a big screen, and hands-on practice with individual coaching.

Here, Bob explains the details of the piece under consideration.


WHAT YOU NEED: In a typical class there are people with a wide range of experience with SketchUp. Experience in SketchUp isn’t necessary, but you should be familiar with basic computer operations. Bring your own laptop, (or desktop) computer.

  • Make sure you have a three-button, scroll wheel, mouse. If you work on a laptop, you’ll find the touchpad nearly useless. If you have a Mac, you’ll struggle if you try to use your Mighty or Magic mouse.
  • Screen size matters! If you have a laptop with a small screen (14″ or less), you will find it difficult to work in SketchUp.
  • Download and install SketchUp directly from www.sketchup.com. It doesn’t hurt if you play around with it some before class or if you have SketchUp experience. There are some good video tutorials on the SketchUp website and on Bob Lang's website ReadWatchDo.com.
  • Please note: when you download the program, it begins with a 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro. After the trial period ends, it will revert to the free version, SketchUp Make. The techniques shown in class will be possible with SketchUp Make, and the differences between SketchUp Make and Pro will be discussed.

Feel free to bring along a notebook. Several handouts will be provided during class and Bob Lang's SketchUp books will be available for purchase.


  • Overcome the common problems with which SketchUp beginners struggle
  • Learn efficient methods to plan your work, perfect the plan and extract valuable information from your plan
  • Prevent mistakes in the shop by building a virtual model of your next project
  • Explore design variations with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Generate accurate three-dimensional cut lists showing every part and every joint

At the end of this weekend you will be able to plan and draw your next project with SketchUp!

Cost:  $395, including lunch.

There are three ways to register for this class. 
• One can click on the sign up button. 
• Give us a call at 215-849-5174.
• Send us an 
email and we will forward the registration materials. 




  • Weekend of November 11-12, 2017, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Hard at work, Students see exactly what Bob is creating as he explains the process of using 3-D modeling software.

Bob works with students one-on-one to insure every student's success.

There are many useful features in this robust software.  Here is an exploded parts diagram, such as you may have seen in a variety of woodworking magazines.