5212 Pulaski Ave.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19144
Philadelphia Furniture Workshop

Foundation Course

Woodworking Machinery Basics

Instructor - Craig Vandall Stevens/Alan Turner
9:00 - 4:00 (day); 6:30-9:30 p.m. (evenings)

Class Size - approximately 7

This is a course designed for the new or newer woodworker who has little or no experience with the major power tools common in a woodworking shop. With a heavy emphasis on safety, we cover the table saw, the bandsaw, the jointer and the planer. You will learn how these machines work, discuss the types of these machines available in the marketplace, how to set them up, square them, and, most importantly, how to properly and safely use them.


This course will prepare you to purchase rough lumber, and then accurately dimension stock for whatever project you have in mind, be it a small decorative box or a larger case piece. Foursquaring stock is a critical step in any woodworking project, and flat, parallel, and square are the result of proper machinery usage.

Cost: $175

There are three ways to register for this class.
• One can click on the sign up button below.
• Give us a call at 215-849-5174.
• Send us an email and we will forward the registration materials.


  • To be scheduled