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Coopered Door Wall Cabinet - 2nd Weekend

Coopered Door Wall Cabinet

Creating a Wall Cabinet with a Dovetailed Drawer and a Coopered Door

Instructor - Craig Vandall Stevens 

  • 4 Weekends - September 15/16, October 20/21, November 17/18, December 8/9, 2018  9 am - 4 pm

The Master Class courses are challenging classes that meet approximately one weekend each month. Each Master Class will focus on one specific furniture project through to it’s completion. During each monthly session, participants will receive detailed instruction for a particular aspect of the project. Students will then use the time between sessions to complete homework and make progress on their project at their own pace and in their own home shop. Master Class projects offer an opportunity to dive deeply into specific furniture styles and unique techniques that help students develop a broad range of advanced woodworking skills.

The Coopered Wall Cabinet workshop explores the essentials of solid wood, fine cabinetmaking. Students will learn the design and construction techniques required for building a fine, handmade cabinet with a curved, coopered door. Numerous topics and techniques include the careful consideration of wood for color and grain, coopering with round-bottom planes, dowel joinery, hand-cut dovetails, frame and panel construction, using knife hinges, using a shellac finish and methods of work that lead to accuracy and project success. Special emphasis is placed on accurately making and installing the coopered door using knife hinges, as well as making and perfectly fitting a dovetailed drawer.

The orange-brown colored wall cabinet pictured is made of red narra (Papua New Guinea) and was designed and made by Craig Stevens - PFW’s executive director. It's dimensions are 28" x 9" x 4.5" deep. The Master Class project will be similar in scale but not locked into those specific dimensions. Through discussions and one-on-one instruction, each participant will build their own solid wood cabinet with special attention focused on pleasing design, harmonious use of wood grain and a high level of craftsmanship.

Cost includes all materials and lunch. We recommend that participants also take Making and Using Wooden Planes course, where they can make their own round-bottom plane for coopering the wall cabinet door.

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