Basic Woodworking

Basic Woodworking


Coffee Table with 5-sided Legs and a Veneered Top

Instructor: Craig Vandall Stevens

  • July 9 - 13, 2018  9 am - 4 pm (5 weekdays)

Making a handmade table represents a unique introduction to woodworking  for beginners. It offers the satisfaction of creating a beautiful and functional piece of hand-made furniture. Through discussions and hands on work, students will make a coffee table using traditional techniques and joinery methods. 

Students will learn and practice techniques such as milling and working with solid wood, mortise & tenon joinery, using high-quality veneers for the contrasting tabletop and applying it’s solid edge, and using an oil finish. Unique to the table is a 5-sided leg design that is pillowed slightly above the top surface of the table. Hands-on assistance focused on improving participant’s woodworking skills will be combined with daily demonstrations and lectures. 

Alongside learning to safely use machines, students will gain experience sharpening and using a variety of hand tools such as layout tools, chisels, scrapers and planes. Combined with the careful consideration of wood to create a harmonious design and the development of good work practices, this beginner course offers students an excellent introduction to the world of fine furniture making.  

The photograph shows the project in two different wood combinations. One example is made of narra with machiche top surface and the other is black walnut with redgum top. The wood species to be used in this course will be maple or ash with a cherry top.

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PFW has a wide assortment of tools for students to use. However, if you have your own tools or would like an excuse to purchase some new ones, the tool list is below. PFW recommends purchasing tools from Tools for Working WoodLee Valley/VeritasHida Tool and Hock Tools