Beyond Basic Skills Course 2 - evenings

Beyond Basic Skills Course 2 - evenings


Instructor - Craig Stevens

  • October 22 - November 26, 2019 6:30pm - 9:30pm (Tuesday evenings)

A weekly evening class, The Basic Skills Courses are a series of classes that are patterned after our Learning Series. The courses are designed to provide a strong foundation for beginners, helping build excellent fundamental woodworking skills. They are shortened versions of the daytime Learning Series, intended for those who prefer taking evening classes. The Basic Skills Courses will have ongoing 6-week sessions so that students are able to cover the same topics as the daytime Learning Series classes, i.e., Basic Skills 1 will be followed by Basic Skills 2 and so on. Each session builds on information and techniques learned in previous sessions.

Unlike our Beginner Classes, which are project-based, the Basic Skills Course is process-oriented, focusing on the proper and safe use of woodworking machines, hand tools and core techniques. The class has been created to help beginning woodworkers develop safe, accurate and efficient woodworking techniques that lead to successful, satisfying results and minimize many of the frustrations that occur when learning on their own. Through weekly lectures, demonstrations and hands-on work, participants will learn and practice traditional techniques essential to high-quality woodworking and furniture making.

Basic Skills 2 continues to build on the skills and information presented in Basic Skills 1.

- continue building safe, accurate milling and machine skills

- through wedged mortise and tenon

- continue developing sharpening skills, setting up hand planes and hand planing surfaces

- the proper and safe use of chisels and layout for joinery

- specialty planes, spokeshaves, router planes

- making a small pocket square

- though dovetails

- Project: students will make a small dovetailed pencil tray to put their new skills to work


PFW has a wide assortment of tools for students to use. However, if you have your own tools or would like an excuse to purchase some new ones, the tool list is below. This is especially true for the Learning Series classes, since much of the activities center around the proper use of hand tools. PFW recommends purchasing tools from Hida ToolHock ToolsTools for Working Wood, and Lee Valley/Veritas