Grinder Rig

Grinder Rig


Instructor - Alan Turner

  • May 12, 2018  9 am - 4 pm

Every woodworker will acknowledge that sharp tools are absolutely essential to safe and effective woodworking. However, many have difficulty setting up an efficient sharpening station. In this one day workshop, each student will build his own “Ultimate Sharpening Rig”, featured in a recent American Woodworker Magazine article by Mario Rodriguez. Easily stored and readily accessible, this compact sharpening station can handle any tool from plane irons and chisels to turning tools and carving gouges; this rig can handle it all.

With the grinder rig in your shop, sharpening will become an integral part of your woodworking instead of a dreaded chore to avoid.

Cost includes all materials and lunch. Grinders not included.

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Each student will build the Ultimate Grinder Rig. To do so requires a grinder. Here is one we have had success with one from Lowes that seems well priced: Delta 6” grinder But any decent grinder will do. You need to have the grinder at the class so that actual measurements can be obtained, and so that the grinder can be correctly mounted on the rig. Both the footprint of the grinder, the height of the arbor, and the shape and position of the base, guards and wheels are critical. In general, this is not a handtool intensive course. The usual handtool kit will be fine, to consist of measuring and marking tools, a block plane, chisels, and the like. Here are some handtools we generally recommend. The vendors, brands and models listed below are merely suggestions based upon the experience of PFW but by no means are the only high quality tools or vendors.

Block plane – PFW recommends the Lie Nielsen No. 102 Combination square, 12” – Starrett, satin chrome finish Folding ruler or tape measure Small set of chisels (1/4" - 1") – PFW recommends Ashley Isles, Two Cherries (from Tools for Working Wood) Marking knife, No. 63 – Two Cherries or similar chip carving knife Safety Glasses Hearing Protection (if desired) For using the grinder rig, we recommend the Lee Valley / Veritas Grinding Jig, available here.