Hand Cut Dovetails

Hand Cut Dovetails


Instructor: Alan Turner/Craig Vandall Stevens

  • January 20 - 21, 2018  9am - 4pm

The dovetail joint in all its variations is considered the benchmark of fine furniture and solid construction. This is the joint that separates the masterpiece from the mundane.

On day one, students tune up and sharpen their dovetail saws, learning how to "soup up" and improve the performance of any saw. Students then design their dovetails, and make quick shop-made templates.

On day two students carefully lay out their dovetails with a sharp marking knife and then cut "to the line" with their souped up saws before paring their pins and tails for a perfect, gap-free fit. The workshop exercises concentrate on multiple through dovetails.

Never again design around dovetails to avoid cutting them. Never again rely upon time consuming, mechanical router jigs. Learn how to execute beautiful hand cut dovetails with confidence and ease.

Strongly recommended prerequisite:  Basic Sharpening, offered several times a year.

Cost includes all materials. Students provide their own lunch.

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PFW has a wide assortment of tools for students to use. However, if you have your own tools or would like an excuse to purchase some new ones, the tool list is below. PFW recommends purchasing tools from Tools for Working WoodLee Valley/VeritasHida Tool and Hock Tools