Japanese Tools

Japanese Tools


Instructor - Craig Vandall Stevens 

  • May 5 - 6, 2018  9 am - 4 pm


Japanese hand tools have a long and amazing history in helping craftsmen create exquisite hand-planed wooden surfaces and precise, hand-cut joinery. The goal of this hands-on workshop is to explore the traditions and techniques used in working with high-quality Japanese planes, chisels and saws, and help to make Japanese tools a functional part of your workshop. Topics will include selection, preparation and use of Japanese chisels and smoothing planes, as well as dozuki dovetail saws, ryoba crosscut/ripping saws and layout tools. Special emphasis will be placed on proper sharpening techniques using water stones. The correct use of the wide range of specialty planes, spokeshaves and marking gauges will also be covered.

Following the preparation and tuneup of chisels and planes, participants will practice using the tools, learn to adjust their planes for producing fine, consistent surfaces and review techniques for getting the best results from their efforts. A wide range of Japanese specialty tools will be demonstrated.

Cost includes all materials. Students provide their own lunch.

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The Tool List for this course has recommendations for purchasing specific Japanese planes, chisels and other tools from Hida Tool in Berkeley, CA. Hida Tool has long been an excellent resource for Japanese woodworking tools and works directly with some of the most highly skilled toolmakers in Japan. Craig is a long-time customer and highly recommends them. Purchasing these specific tools from Hida can lessen the challenge of knowing which Japanese tools to buy.