Welcome to the PFW Blog


Mario and Alan selecting hardware

PFW is jumping! There’s always something going on here. Beside our classes, we’re constantly meeting with students, new and old, conducting private instruction, developing new classes, prepping for classes, writing articles, improving the shop, building new fixtures, cleaning the place up, and updating the website.

Student working on card table

When students  drop by and find us at our respective benches, they’re curious.  Keeping a respectful distance, they scour our studios for any signs of our latest projects. And we’re always willing to chat, explain, demonstrate, and share whatever it is that’s caught their eye.  We feel these impromptu exchanges are really at the heart of PFW. We love woodworking, and love sharing what we do with others likewise afflicted. I can’t recall any instance when we brushed aside an eager student with a burning question, for any reason.  However, we don’t connect with or reach all of our students. Some don’t want to impose on our free time; others can only attend workshops occasionally.  But there is always something percolating at PFW!

English Arts & Crafts Tool Chest

We thought that blogging would be a casual way to keep, those inclined to check on us informed about the shop. Not only about the classes, schedules, and tuition, but about everything else that makes this a fascinating place.   So, on a regular basis, we’ll be posting information, drawings, notes, tool reviews, pictures of completed projects, and activities that might be interesting and useful to our friends and students.  A blog is a format for conversation; an exchange of ideas. We might post, and someone reading it might respond with a comment or a question – or with a criticism. So, welcome to our blog. Read it, send along your comments, challenge us, curse us, but please don’t ignore us.

Good joinery,

Mario Rodriguez

Alan Turner