Last meeting of Sheraton Mirror Master Class

Sheraton Mirror Master Class The Sheraton Mirror Master Class got together last weekend to complete their projects, in their last session. Things went smoothly as students laid out the various parts in preparation for a tedious and challenging assembly.  In order to keep the work moving, I performed the more mundane milling of moldings and cap pieces for the students before they arrived for the weekend workshop. Even with that out of the way, there was still lots to do.

The mirror cornice pieces cut and in place.

Adam cleans up the joints before attaching the split turned columns to the mirror frame.

Doreen completed 2 mirrors during the workshop.

The Federal period mirrors of this type had an architectural character, with cornice moldings, projecting columns, and plinths; so there were a lot of parts to create, arrange and keep track of. For the woodworking student, the appeal of this project is that it requires a range of skills. There was a little carving, a little veneering, and a little turning, all kept to a manageable level.  But the most eye-catching thing about the design was the split-turned sections and rope carvings that flank the mirror. The frame is capped with a lively cornice that is punctuated with a number of miters.

Frank carefully pins a cornice return into place.

Once the students completed the frame assembly, Alan and I cut their back panels from thin plywood and distributed the mirror glass. As the students gathered up their tools and packed to leave, We looked over their efforts. I was impressed with their clean and precise craftsmanship.

Dave even managed to install his mirror panels. Nice work.


Horst heads home.

Congratulations to everyone. Mario

3 thoughts on “Last meeting of Sheraton Mirror Master Class

  1. Hi Lesley, Yes, everyone did a fine job. Working at her typical whirlwind speed, Doreen managed to surprise us again. Don’t worry about the Jefferson Lap Desk. Alan and I both think you’re ready for that class and will do just fine.
  2. Looking glass aside, that’s one good looking class! It was a blast. Thanks for another great project and a wonderful learning experience. Frank

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