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Butterfly Table - 3rd Weekend

Butterfly Table

Instructor - Craig Vandall Stevens

The 2018 Butterfly Table class completed. We’re looking forward to running the 4-weekend class again in 2020.

The Master Class courses are challenging classes that meet approximately one weekend each month. Each Master Class will focus on one specific furniture project through to it’s completion. During each monthly session, participants will receive detailed instruction for a particular aspect of the project. Students will then use the time between sessions to complete homework and make progress on their project at their own pace and in their own home shop. Master Class projects offer an opportunity to dive deeply into specific furniture styles and unique techniques that help students develop a broad range of advanced woodworking skills.

The Butterfly Table pictured was designed and made by Craig Stevens - PFW’s executive director. At 29” tall x 19" wide, it can be used as a tall side, entry or lamp table. The piece is made of black walnut with wenge edge banding and bead on the bottom of the apron.

Shop-sawn black walnut veneers provide the backdrop for marquetry imagery on the tabletop, apron and shelf. A perfect match of color and grain are possible by sawing the solid table parts and the thick veneers from the same plank. The outer face of the legs are slightly pillowed with a hand plane to mimic the round apron. Wenge edge banding on the table top and the bead below the apron accent the rich color of the black walnut. The project has an oil finish. As shown, the wood species used includes black walnut and wenge with kwila, elm, maple, red oak, narra, red narra, sassafras and imbuia

The table requires careful craftsmanship and attention to detail to execute the work perfectly and will certainly stretch participant’s skill levels. Craig encourages methods of work and an approach to woodworking that can be increasingly built upon as participant’s skills increase, while minimizing setbacks.

Students will be learning double-bevel marquetry as part of the course instruction and will ideally have their own scroll saw to complete the marquetry homework on their own between sessions.

Techniques include;

- resawing solid wood into thick, sawn veneers

- edge gluing sawn veneers using wooden wedges

- double-bevel marquetry

- working with a vacuum press and using 2-part adhesives

- working with curves, creating a veneered, round apron and cutting joinery on a curved surface

- half-lap leg to apron joinery

- hand-planed surfaces on the solid wood legs

Cost includes all materials including sawn marquetry veneers and supplies. Students provide their own lunch.

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