What students have to say about their workshop experience

"All the little pieces of information gleaned from this past weekend are just too numerous to mention... PFW is a true asset that is needed in this area."

"Just want to express my gratitude for a great learning experience this weekend."

"While I’ve attended other school around the country, your personal attention, numerous ad hoc tips, course structure, documentation, and the project itself, add up to lots more bang for the buck."

"Your courses on hand planes and dovetails were very important to the success of my project."

"Good materials, good atmosphere and great people."

"Now that I’ve learned to sharpen and use a plane, I plan to return for dovetails."

"This has been an intense and wonderfully satisfying experience. I truly appreciate all the hard work you both put into making this a win."

"You fellows also exhibit the friendliness and easy going nature (and humor) that really topped things off."

"The instruction was great and I know my level of accuracy and attention to detail always goes up after each class I take."

"This was just what I needed to increase my confidence and elevate the level of my craftsmanship."