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Design and Build - Furniture Making and Design Workshop

Design and Build

Design and Build - Furniture Making & Design Workshop

Instructor; Craig Vandall Stevens

  • To be scheduled for summer 2019

This 5-day workshop explores the tools, techniques and a carefully considered approach used to create fine, hand-made furniture. The focus of this process-oriented course is the development of skills as they relate to hand, eye and workbench. The emphasis will be the sensitive use of hand tools combined with a proper use of machines. 

Through daily lecture, demonstrations and hands-on work, Craig will lead participants in addressing techniques and questions essential to one-of-a-kind furniture making. Participants will learn and practice traditional joinery techniques such as regular and through mortise & tenon joinery, frame and panel construction, edge-joining boards, as well as sharpening techniques and the proper use of western and Japanese hand-tools. Additional techniques such as resawing veneers, wood selection and creating luxurious hand-planed surfaces will be discussed as well. There will be ongoing discussions on the design process including generating ideas, design evolution, sketching, and making mock-ups.

This workshop is for intermediate and enthusiastic makers who are interested in improving their hand skills and who have a desire for excellence and personal satisfaction in their work. A basic knowledge of stationary machines is helpful

Cost includes all materials. Students provide their own lunch.

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