Chip Carving

Chip Carving


Instructor: Craig Stevens

  • September 28 - 29, 2019 9:00am - 4:00pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Chip carving has been used by generations of craftspeople to embellish objects of function and beauty. Traditionally a peasant art, chip carving involves removing a series of carefully cut chips of wood to form an engraved design.

The workshop will focus on carving traditional geometric designs as well as Craig's own free-flowing variation of the more traditional carving style. Discussions and demonstrations center around the carving tools, sharpening, safe carving habits, wood selection, design layout and the carving techniques. Students will create practice boards, exploring a variety of cuts and geometric shapes common to chip carving, then combine those basic cuts into more complex patterns, carved on wooden plate projects.

The weekend includes demonstrations of the various techniques with many tips for getting the most precision out of the primary carving knife. The bulk of the time is spent on student’s hands-on work. Chip carving can be used to create a stand-alone object of beauty, or used to decorate or adorn a piece such as a box, drawer fronts, table legs and on and on.

The price of this course includes two Hock chip carving knives (carving knife and stab knife). PFW does this because it strongly believes that the design of these knives, which Craig had input on, makes a big difference in the quality of the carving.

Cost includes all materials and two Hock chip carving knives.

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The Chip Carving class requires very few tools and PFW has plenty for folks to borrow. Some simple layout tools that we will use and that you are welcome to bring are:

  • 0.5mm mechanical pencil

  • Small compass

  • Metric ruler - plastic or metal