Router Basics Workshop

Router Basics Workshop


Instructor: Craig Stevens

  • April 27 - 28, 2019  9 am - 4 pm  (weekend)

For many woodworkers, the router is the first tool purchased. It is both affordable and amazingly versatile. But then, after the purchase, one realizes that a fair amount of knowledge is needed to use this tool and especially to use it safely. Often the router collects dust and is not used, out of a lack of knowledge and a sense of caution. If you are that person, this is your course. Or, if you know you need a router but are unsure of what is best for your needs, we will address that in detail. And we will discuss bits, accessories, brands, and all things router related.

On Saturday, we will examine the history of the router, learn how it works, and explore the router as a hand-held tool. The class will perform a series of exercises and learn to use the router freehand such as for a hinge mortise, using a bearing guided bit to cut an edge profile, learning to fabricate guide bushing templates and use them to cut mortises. We will briefly explore the dovetail template.

Sunday, we finish up with the hand-held router and turn to the router table. If a given cut can be made either with a hand-held router or a table mounted router, at PFW we would nearly always opt for the table mounted router. Students learn to set up a router table for safe cuts, and perform a series of exercises so that all have an opportunity for hands on experience. As shown, pattern routing is quite effective in achieving accurate and repeatable results.

At the end of this weekend you will be able to safely dust off that router and get right to work!

Cost includes all materials. Students provide their own lunch.

For this course there is no tool list, but feel free to bring your router if you like.