Craftsman's Tool Chest

Craftsman's Tool Chest


Instructor - Alan Turner/Craig Vandall Stevens

  • January 13 - 15, 2018  9 am - 4 pm (3-day class)

Woodworkers can always use a small, accessible cabinet to store their frequently used tools, measuring devices, and supplies. Here is a compact chest, made of sapele or cherry, and joined with sturdy finger joints. The case is fitted with 4 drawers: two 1-½” top drawers, a 2” center drawer, and a 2-½” bottom drawer, to accommodate a wide range of small items used routinely in a typical shop day. 

The drawer fronts are taken sequentially from  a single plank, and so the wood grain is continuous, top to bottom. Cherry and Sapele are among the wood species where width is not difficult to source, and we have used both species. Measuring 9-3/4” tall, and 10” x 18”, this useful cabinet won’t take up much space on your primary work bench or back bench. You might want to find a way to secure it in your shop or it might wind up as a jewelery box or collectibles chest.

This handsome piece was a scheduled feature article in No. 165, American Woodworker magazine, April 2013. 

Cost includes all materials and hardware. Students provide their own lunch.

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PFW has a wide assortment of woodturning tools for students to use. However, if you have your own tools or would like an excuse to purchase some new ones, the tool list is below. PFW recommends purchasing turning tools from Tools for Working WoodLee Valley/VeritasHida Tool and Hock Tools